Synchronized defibrillator-monitor

The defibrillator-monitor synchronized with shaping of bipolar pulse DFR-02 is intended for reduction of heart rate disturbances by means electric pulse, as well as for registration and indication of bioelectric heart potentials on the monitor. The device can be used both for resuscitaton activities and routine rhythm recovery. Defibrillator DFR-02 is intended mainly for hospitals, resuscitation units, intensive care units, cardiosurgery units. The device can also be used at pre-hospital stages of medical assistance.

DFR-02 provides shaping of bipolar therapeutically effective pulse of minimum injurious influence (8 energy levels) as well as ECG readout both from ECG electrodes via individual channel.


  • Electrodes of different area for adults and infants
  • Display with illuminator
  • Built-in accumulator
  • Multiple-toned alarm system
  • System of ECG channel protection from defibrillation impulse
  • Module of 40 ECG fragments saving with a possibility of result output to the PC
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Bipolar pulse shape
  • Support of standard pulse shape at any changes of a patient's resistance
  • Built-in salf-diagnostic

Technical characteristics

Pulse shape bipolar, trapezoid form
Energy levels from 5 to 200 J (8 levels)

Operation mode
synchronized / asynchronous defibrillation
cardiomonitor mode (ECG readout)
Display LCD 120x90 mm , adjustable contrast

Electrodes area
for adults: 100 cm2
for children: 50 cm2
Voltage of built-in accumulator 12V

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet