Infant warming mattress

The infant warming mattress ODN-01 is intended to compensate heat loss of the newborn with hypothermia or during resuscitation activities in hospitals.  

The heater allows to maintain high accuracy the preset optimum temperature on the surface of mattress or patient skin depending on the selected mode.


  • Multipurpose use (independent device as well as supplement to another neonatal equipment)
  • Built-in alarm system
  • Two modes of temperature adjustment
  • Allows contact between mother and child during the first days of neonate's life
  • Replaceable mattress hoods 

Technical characteristics

Set temperature range from 35oC to 39oC
Max mattress surface temperature deviation from mean temperature ± 1oC
Alarm triggering - at temperature deviation 0,4
Continuous operation time more than 72 h
Power consumption 50 V·A

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet