Neonatal phototherapy lamp

Neonatal phototherapy lamp OFN-02 is intended for efficient treatment of jaundice of the newborn without using additional medicines in the perinatal centers, maternity and child hospitals.

In the lamp are used high-brightness LEDs of narrow spectrum, which allow to increase lamp life time without losing the power over 40 000 hours. Lamp operation principles is based on the irradiation of infant skin by light radiation in spectral range 450-500 nm (blue radiation), that can help decrease of bilirubin concentration in blood.


  • Absence of collateral adverse effects appropriate 
  • Long life time of irradiator
  • Two operation modes
  • Operation noiselessness
  • Reduction of electrical energy consumption
  • Two ways of use: with pole and without it (direct location over the incubator bed)
  • Large area of irradiation

Technical characteristics


Light radiation spectral range 450-500 nm
Continuous operation time more than 72 h
Operation mode entering time less than 10 s

Radiation power spectral density at a distance of 460 mm from the protective glass
max: 40 mcW/cm2nm
mean: 20 mcW/cm2nm

For additional information and full technical characteristics, please download leaflet